Sławomir Dudek

Expert in public finance with over 23 years of experience at the Ministry of Finance. For many years, Director of the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Macroeconomic Policy.

Patrycja Satora

Experienced manager and fundraiser in NGOs.

Assistant Director of the Research Institute for Economic Development at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH).

Program Manager in NGOs, Administration and Grant Specialist

A master’s student in economics at the Warsaw School of Economics. 

The Program Council

Paweł Wojciechowski

Economist, manager, academic teacher, civil servant and diplomat.

Director of the Institute of Economic Development at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). Expert in the field of macroeconomic policy and economic climate. Author and co-author of numerous scientific publications, including monographs. She held many management positions, including vice-rector for Student Affairs of the Warsaw School of Economics, plenipotentiary of the rector of the Warsaw School of Economics for the organization of the Collegium of Economic Analysis. She was also the vice-dean of the Department of Internal Trade. As an expert, she was a member of the Economics Section of the Scientific Research Committee, the Scientific Statistical Council and the Scientific Council of the Center for International Research on Economic Tendency Surveys (CIRET Council). Since 2011, a member of the Expert Corps at the National Science Center in the department of humanities, social sciences and art.

Member of the European Parliament, Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Professor of Economics (College of Europe Natolin / LSE Institute of Global Affairs)

Economist, Minister of Finance in Cabinet of Marek Belka. In the years 1987-1993 he worked in foreign scientific organizations, including University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Charles University in Prague and ICESAD in Kitakyushu. He worked in international organizations such as the World Bank, United Nations and European Union. After returning to Poland, until 1998 he was a macroeconomist at the Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics. In 1999, he became an associate of the Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw, where he managed several research projects on macroeconomic analysis and economic forecasts for Poland, Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. He has advised the governments of: Bulgaria, Turkmenistan and Slovakia. Author and co-author of numerous publications, including several books. Graduate of economics at the University of Gdańsk. In 1977, he received a Ph.D. degree in economics from this university. In 2000–2004, Chief Economist at Bank Millennium S.A. In 2010, the President of the Republic of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, appointed him a member of the National Development Council.

Economist and politician, professor of economic sciences. In 2001–2005, he was a Member of the 4th Sejm (Parliament) and a minister in the governments of Leszek Miller and Marek Belka. In 2003–2005, he was the Deputy Prime Minister. Member of the Monetary Policy Council in the 2010–2016 term. He belongs to the Polish Economic Association. He is also a member of the Polish National Committee for UNESCO. Chairman of the board of the Foundation of Economy and Public Administration (GAP Foundation). Initiator of the International Congress of the Economy of Values Open Eyes Economy Summit, as well as the chairman of its program council. Doctor honoris causa of the Warsaw School of Economics and the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Honorary Professor of the Krakow University of Economics.

Economist, Minister of Finance in Cabinet of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, first Chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (2006–2011). Assistant professor at the Warsaw School of Economics. Scholarship holder of the Foundation for Polish Science and the Fulbright Program. Member of the Association of Polish Economists and the honorary council of experts at AIESEC Polska. In the past, Department Director and Chief Economist in Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej S.A. In 2016, he was appointed vice-president and acting President of the Management Board of Bank Ochrony Środowiska, then President of the Management Board of this bank until 2017.

Economist and civil servant. In the years 2008–2012 Undersecretary and Secretary of State in the Ministry of Finance. Earlier – Deputy Director of Financial Policy, Analysis and Statistics Department in the Ministry of Finance. In 2009–2012, he was the government plenipotentiary for Euro Adoption in the Republic of Poland. Member of the Statistics Council. In 2012–2015, Chief Economist at the Ministry of Finance. Representative of the Minister of Finance in the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. In 2012–2015, he was the Chairman of the Board of the Bank Guarantee Fund. Later, Deputy Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund in Washington. Since 2022, he has been a member of the Monetary Policy Council. Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

Professor of finance and leadership, Founder and Director of the Center for Leadership, visiting scholar at Harvard, Berkeley, Melbourne, Glasgow and other universities.

External experts

Senior research fellow at the Institute of Economics of HUN-REN Hungarian Research Network. He is founder and director of Corruption Research Center Budapest (CRCB). His main research interests are the problems of hidden economy, tax evasion, corruption and problems of economic institutions and enterprise behavior. He has written widely on problems of corruptions and government policies. He has participated in numerous international research projects sponsored by the European Commission, USAID, EBRD, and World Bank.

Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Kozminski University and Research Scientist of Harvard University. He specializes in applied social science and quantitative methods. His research work focuses on areas related to the financial behavior of households and the quality of life. He spent almost ten years working at universities and research institutes in Italy, Germany and the United States. In Hamburg, he researched the chances of academic success of students in East Asia identifying key factors related to their academic resilience. At the University of Milan, he focused on the evolution of the quality of life of households in Italy from the perspective of their financial situation, while at the University of Turin, being a grant holder from the 7th Framework Program of the European Union (Maria Curie Scholarship), he focused on the analysis of the financial behavior of households and the way it is related to their wellbeing. Since June 2017 he has been working and collaborating with different departments at Harvard University.

PhD in economics, lawyer, assistant professor at the Department of Economy and Public Administration of the Cracow University of Economics. Expert in public management, health economics, health policy, public finance and public administration. A co-signatory of the Open Budget Survey. Graduate of the Cracow University of Economics and the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.

Doctor of Economics, vicepresident of National Bank of Poland (2001-2004), Member of the Monetary Policy Council (2010-1016). In 1977-1988, worked at the Research and Development Center SPIS at the Central Statistical Office. At the beginning of the 80s. he organized there territorial branch structures of Solidarność. In 1990, he became a Deputy Director at the Systemic Analysis Unit at the Supreme Chamber of Control, and in 1991 he became advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Leszek Balcerowicz. Expert at the negotiation team on the reduction of Poland’s debt to the London Club. Starting from 1994, advisor at Bank Handlowy. He participated in the research conducted by the CASE Foundation. In 2004-2008 Chief Economist at Bank Pekao SA. Later, he was advisor to the President of Polkomtel S.A. Awarded with the honorary badge “For Merits for Public Finance of the Republic of Poland” (2013) and the honorary badge “For Merits for Banking of the Republic of Poland” (2016).

Longtime Director of the Excise Tax Department at the Ministry of Finance. He represented the government at most important national and the European Union’s institutions. He has been active in the public and private sector. One of the best excise tax experts in Poland. For over 20 years, he has created and issued opinions on most of the current regulations and law. Author of interpretations of the tax law and economic analyses of the effects of legal solutions. Graduated in economics. He is licensed as a Tax Advisor. Currently, Partner at the BBGTAX Tax Office.

Ph.D. Economics, is Associate Professor in Economics at the Institute of Rural and Agricultural Development (IRWiR) at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), heading the Department of Rural Economics; he also serves as secretary of the organization’s Scientific Council. He serves on the editorial boards of the quarterly journals “Wieś i Rolnictwo” (Village and Agriculture) and “Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej” (Problems of Agricultural Economics). 

Doctor of economics with practical experience in policy analysis and regulatory impact assessment. Head of the Macroeconomic Analysis Department at the Ministry of Finance (2009-2012). Later, a member of the Supervisory Board of KUKE S.A., Deputy Director of the Strategic Analyzes Department at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, expert in the field of regulatory impact assessment at the Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland. Currently a manager in the area of regulatory advisory at EY. His areas of interest include macroeconomics, public finance, pensions and the labor market, and energy policy. Graduate of economics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He received his PhD at the Hanken School of Economics (Finland).

Deputy Director of the Claims and Debt Restructuring Bureau at the City of Warsaw. Previously associated with the Ministry of Finance as deputy director of the Public Debt Department. Former member of the Supervisory Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. He supervised the process of preparing and implementing the debt management strategy, managing the risk resulting from the structure of the State Treasury debt and participated in managing the liquidity of the state budget. In the years 1996-1998 he worked at the Warsaw Municipal office (responsible for contacts with investors) and in the Supreme Audit Office (inspection of privatization processes). Graduate of the University of Gdańsk and the National School of Public Administration.

For a long time he worked at the Ministry of Finance where he was, among many, Head of the Fiscal Analysis Team in the Department of Macroeconomic Policy. His main areas of work were quantitative impact assessment and forecasting, microsimulation modeling, and tax and social policy. Currently, he manages the Debt Valuation Department at EOS-KSI Polska. Graduate of the Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, where he obtained his PhD in econometrics and quantitative economics.

Head of the Climate Team at WWF Polska. For 14 years he worked at the Ministry of Finance being responsible for energy and climate issues. In 2008-2019, he was a member of the Polish delegation at Climate Conferences (COP), as well as a member of the COP Presidency team during conferences organized in Poland. He participated in negotiating the Paris Climate Agreement and the Katowice Climate Package. During COP 24 in Katowice, he was the leading expert of the Polish Presidency team for climate finance.

Lawyer, assistant professor at the Department of Insurance Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. In 2016-2019, deputy director of the Institute of Legal and Administrative Sciences of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. Since 2016, he has been professionally associated with the Supreme Court: initially as an assistant to a judge, then – a member of the Bureau of Studies and Analyzes, and currently – a specialist in jurisdiction at the Chamber of Labor and Social Security. He conducts classes at postgraduate studies in Ostrołęka and a study for judges adjudicating in insurance cases. He appears at ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) seminars and popularizes insurance knowledge in the media, regularly cooperating with “Rzeczpospolita” and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”.

Doctor of Economics, Vice President at J.P. Morgan, assistant professor at the Department of International Comparative Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. In 2003, he graduated with honors from the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of finance and banking, and then MBA studies under the program The Community of European Management Schools (CEMS). He studied at the Department of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge and at Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management. In 2008-13, he was the Head of the Political cabinet (Head of Advisers) of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Jacek Rostowski. As a permanent member of the plenary meetings of the Ministry of Finance, he worked, among others, on economic reforms (e.g. deregulation and the introduction of the expenditure rule). He worked at the National Bank of Poland as a senior economist, economic assistant to the President of the National Bank of Poland, Leszek Balcerowicz, and secretary of the Macroeconomic Council. He was also a consultant and leader of projects improving management processes in private companies. Member of the Society of Polish Economists and expert of the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation.

Human rights attorney, member of the Warsaw Bar Association and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Criminal Law at Warsaw University. Graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Warsaw. Graduate (with merit) of the British Law Center Diploma in English and European Law at the Warsaw University in cooperation with University of Cambridge. Recipient of the Rising Stars – Lawyers of the Future Special Award 2021.

Expert in the areas of health care, pharmaceutical and medical device industry and health economy. Co-founder and partner of the Institute for Health and Democracy. Publisher and author of the weekly Market Brief containing original compilations of key industry news, legislative alerts, regulatory summaries, expert commentaries and podcasts. Founding member of the Citizens’ Legislation Forum at the Batory Foundation. Author of numerous publications, reports, expert opinions, strategies and commentaries.

Expert in strategic consulting for regulated markets – health, energy, transport, telecommunications, media.

Lecturer at Collegium Civitas, Lazarski University, Warsaw School of Economics. Before 1989, he cooperated with the underground Independent Publishing House NOWA.