prof. Cezary Wójcik

Professor of finance and leadership, Founder and Director of the Center for Leadership, visiting scholar at Harvard, Berkeley, Melbourne, Glasgow and other universities.

Involved in public activity and business practice, in the past served as: Member of Macroeconomic Council to the Minister of Finance, Advisor to the Governor of the National Bank of Poland, Founder and Director of Bureau of Integration with the Euro Area at the National Bank of Poland, Chief Economic Advisor to the board of WestLB Bank, member of  expert panel evaluating Greek bail-out program at the European Court of Auditors. He worked in international organizations, including three: European Central Bank, Austrian National Bank and National Bank of Poland, Vienna Institute of Comparative Research.

He is the author and co-author of a number of academic papers and nine books published in the USA, the UK, Germany, Austria, Estonia and Hungary. His work has been published and quoted in renowned foreign newspapers: The Guardian, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit, Handelsblatt. He has been regularly publishing in Polish dailies suh as Rzeczpospolita and Gazeta Wyborcza.

In a ranking of the best candidates for the Polish Monetary Policy Council, he was nominated as one of the first three best candidates.

In 2011 included by the President’s Chancellery in the list of “Generation 45” – a list of young Poles who are shaping the future of their disciplines, from art to science and business.

He has received both of the most important prizes awarded to economists in Poland: in 2008, he received Bank Handlowy’s award for his special contribution into the area of finance and economics; and in 2009, the award of the Prime Minister.

He has been awarded many scholarships, including a Fulbright scholarship (twice), a scholarship of the Polityka Weekly, a scholarship of the Foundation for Polish Science, a scholarship of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. In 2011 he was awarded a Harvard Kennedy School’s Letter of Achievement for his contribution in development of leadership.

He is fluent in Polish, English and German, and speaks Spanish and Russian.

He is married, has two children, and is a happy person.