The Institute of Public Finance (IFP) is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organization founded in January 2023.

It is the first think net in Poland that is comprehensively focused on public finances.

The initiator and founder of the IFP is Dr Sławomir Dudek – a recognized economist and expert in the field of public finance.


Meet the Board, the Council and the IFP’s experts

Our mission

IFP upholds the transparency and efficiency of public finance, a simple tax system, the rule of law and economic freedom, with regard to climate and environmental challenges.

Our vision

IFP is a platform of dialogue and cooperation of experts with an intention to set standards and directions for responsible financial and economic policy of the state, based on respect for the rule of law, economic freedom and the environment in which we live.

Our Values

Transparency and openness

Transparency and openness of public finance are the basis of democracy, and at the same time an indicator of the guarantee of rights and freedom of individuals. In order for citizens to be able to take full advantage of them, tools for social control of public finance should be ensured.

Efficiency and responsibility

Since public authorities do not have their own money – they only manage citizens’ money, the financial and economic policy of the state requires rationality. Every decision of public authorities that impacts public finance should be driven by the interest of citizens not only in the current and long-term perspective.

Dialogue and cooperation

IFP’s mission is realized based on dialogue and cooperation with all entities that share the values of our organization. IFP participates in the public debate on the basis of proven knowledge and reliable data.

Monitoring and education

IFP keeps a careful eye on every authority, guarding the standards of democracy and human rights. IFP stands for civic education. We explain complex economic mechanisms.

Nonpartisanship and independence

The protection of transparent and open public finance should be non-partisan and independent of economic, social and political views. Public finance must be open and transparent for citizens so that they make conscious electoral decisions.


Promoting and disseminating the idea of stable, effective and transparent public finance along with an effective, simple, predictable and transparent system of public levies.
Working towards the citizens’ right to understand and influence the way of obtaining and spending public funds (promoting social control over public finance) and counteracting adverse situations in the area of public finance.
Development of the idea of economic freedom with regard to climate and environmental challenges.
Protection of a democratic state based on the rule of law.

Areas of activity

Transparent, stable and effective public finances
  • We analyze the state’s financial policy
  • We oversight a condition of public finances
  • We facilitate social control over public finances
  • We expose abuses in public finance
Simple, effective and predictable taxes
  • We guard taxpayers’ money
  • We look into the system of public levies
  • We reveal pathologies in the tax system
  • We recommend effective tax solutions
Economic freedom, climate and the environment
  • We support economic freedom
  • We promote private property
  • We popularize ESG approach
  • We respect climate & the environment
Rule of law
  • We fight for democracy and the rule of law
  • We support free media
  • We defend independent institutions
  • We work for free elections