How is inflation impoverishing Poles? Debate and the presentation of the report

The debate at Świetlica Wolności was accompanied by the presentation of the report of Warsaw Enterprize Intitue that shows which social groups were most affected by the inflation.

The following panelist were trying to identify reasons of the problem and to find solutions:

  • Dr Slawomir Dudek, President of Institute of Public Finance
  • Joanna Tyrowicz, Member of Monetary Policy Council, Warsaw University
  • Dr Mateusz Bendyk, Economist, Author of the Report How is inflation impoverishing Poles?
  • Tomasz Wróblewski, President of WEI
  • Iwona Jacaszek-Pruś, Director Corporate Affairs, Kampania Piwowarska
  • Katarzyna Marczak-Grochowalska, Vice President of Foundation Senior w Koronie

The discussion was moderated by Sebastian Stodolak, Vice President of WEI.

Report “How is inflation impoverishing Poles?” Available on WEI’s website:

Want to learn more? Watch a video recording of the debate click here.