Sławomir Dudek, Ph.D. – President, Chief Economist

Founder, President and Chief Economist of the Institute of Public Finance. Expert in public finance with over 23 years of experience in the Ministry of Finance. From 2023 serves as Citizens’ Ombudsman for Transparency in Public Finances.

For many years, Director of the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Macroeconomic Policy. In 2012-2019, he chaired the Polish delegation at the OECD’s Economic Policy Committee’s meetings. He was a member of the Statistics Council, the Government Population Council, and the Statistical Education Council (acting within the office of Prime Minister of Poland). He was a member of the supervisory boards of the National Health Fund, the Bank Guarantee Fund, and a company, Aplikacje Krytyczne. In 2020, he was appointed to the Economic Council – the Advisory Body at the office of the Marshal of the Senate of Poland. Member of the Association of Polish Economists (a member of its executive board in the years 2020-2022). Former coordinator of the Center of Monitoring Economic Situation at the Entrepreneurship Council. In 2023 was received the City of Warsaw Merit Award.

Economic commentator in the trade press and news media. Graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań.  He teaches at Warsaw School of Economics.